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Here are just a few of the happy endings that LRRSE has helped to achieve!

ozzie ozzie


Hi Louise
Thought you might like to see the latest pictures of Ozzie, with his 2 little friends from next door.
Last week we were away so Oz spent the week with them, now Buddy and Rocky’s owners are away so they are staying with us. Ozzie gave us such a welcome when we came home, it was lovely as usually he is fairly undemonstrative, apart from a quick tail wag.
We really do love him to bits and are so enjoying our walks with him. He has been on several long walks in company with lots of other people and dogs and has been beautifully behaved, apart from pinching a hot dog – sadly for Oz, it was actually just the bread roll!
He is pretty good about the pond now except if he is hot, when he wanders in to the deepest pond and just stands there up to his shoulders in the water until he’s cooled down. Then he asks to be rubbed dry, which he absolutely loves. Everyone likes him because he is so gentle and friendly.
Hope you have been enjoying the lovely warm weather and that you have a good summer.
Best wishes

buddy buddy buddy


We have had Buddy for 5 weeks now. I still remember when I got the call from Sue and how excited I was, especially when I saw the pictures of our handsome 3 year old chocolate boy. As I type, he is making a huge racket trying to get food out of his Kong! He is a big boy and trying to lose weight, so has 3 smaller meals a day. His lunchtime Kong keeps him ‘sweet’ until teatime!
He loves living by the sea, chasing the gulls and running in the surf. The lake in the park and the ducks that live there, were a bit too inviting and he frightened himself when he jumped in after them, as it was far deeper than he expected. He has never been in again, but has taken on a swan over a solitary piece of bread (typical lab with unlimited appetite).
He spends a lot of the day in my office, watching me work. He either sleeps under the desk or sits in his favourite chair looking important. He loves his long walks, sitting on my lap (phew, he is a bit heavy for anything more than 15 mins) and having his tummy tickled. He finds it so relaxing that sometimes falls asleep mid-session!
We were lucky that he knew nearly all of his basic commands and is very friendly with other dogs. He now has a dog bed on which we have put his favourite blanket and a few more toys. He is always pleased to see us in the mornings and give us lots of unconditional love. It was great fun trying to get a decent paw print from him for Daddy’s Father’s Day card.
Thank you Sue and LRRSE for bringing Bud into our lives.

ellie ellie


Dear Sue
Just a little email to update you on Ellie. She has settled in fabulously and has really embraced training! She now walks on the lead but still more work to be done but it's far removed from the swinging we had back in September.
She was speyed last week and coped really well, very popular with vets and nurses so she must have been good!
She loves everything and everyone and is a joy and an asset. She's coming with us to Snowdonia in a few weeks. And she's going to try agility soon, as she loves to learn new things.
Thanks so much for the work that you and your colleagues put in. Ellie is fast becoming an ambassador for rescued Labs but I am certain she wouldn't have got this far if she'd had to go into kennels before being rehomed. So your system works!
Thanks again,
Lots of love,
Richard, Clarissa, Finn, Ellie and Lincoln xx
Photos show Ellie up to her tummy in puddle in the recent floods, she loves water.
And Ellie is very happy to undertake office duties!



Dear Sue
Just to let you know Sandie is settling in very well. She just loves her new life.
She is growing more confident each day and all our friends and family adore her.
We were a bit unsure the first day but soon realised what a frightened stressed out dog she was. She had no idea that she could walk in and out of a door on her own. We say to anyone who asks about Sandie, have no fears about a rescue dog, we wish we had done it years before. It has been so rewarding to see her change on a daily basis.
She loves her walks, playing games and the car. She will have two weeks in Cornwall later in the year!
Thank you for our beautiful Sandie (Sandy)
Leslie and Sheila

clara clara clara


Hi Louise
Thought it was about time I sent you a Clara update. She’s now coming up for a year. She’s taller than Dylan but not as heavy. They are devoted to each other and she has definitely given the old boy a new lease of life!
She remains a feisty young lady but we are getting there. We recently went away for a fortnight and my dad’s ladyfriend, who is in her 70’s, came over to dog & house sit. I got our local dog walker to take Clara out every day so she had at least one good walk every day and she came back with a glowing report. “The best behaved of all the dogs she takes out!” (Mind I do wonder what some of the others are like)!
She has finally learned to swim. I had just about given up on her but last week Dylan decided to take a swim. Clara stood on the bank as per normal for about 5 mins and barked at him then she suddenly decided it looked like fun and in she went! There’s no stopping her now. She is still giving the cats a hard time but they mostly get their own back on her. And I have yet to find anything she won’t eat! So of course Dylan eats all sorts of things he used to turn his nose up at in case he misses out.
We are taking her for her first holiday in a couple of months. She is coming walking in Wales with 2 border collies so that should be interesting. I even hope we might finally wear her out!
Regards Paula



Hi Louise
I think I might have sent you this pic of Morgan and Mindy before but I just find it remarkable that these two have bonded so well. Mindy is 11 years old today and has never lived with another dog. She absolutely tolerates him being here and he lets her be the boss !!! We love them both to bits x x xl

millie millie millie


Dear Louise,
Just a note to update you and to thank you for all your hard work in find us Millie. You couldn't have found us a sweeter natured dog. Everybody she has met so far has loved her. I enclose a couple of photos of Millie on a walk in the woods. She has settled in well with no problems and is such a lovely girl.
With thanks once again,

gracie gracie


It's just four weeks since I picked up Gracie but she has settled in so well here on the Isle of Wight. We were away last week travelling up to my family in Kidderminster for a few days and then down to Camber Sands to a house on the beach for my birthday celebrations. Wherever we went, she just quietly lay down and let everyone make a fuss of her! She also met her 'brother' (my son) for the first time - see the photo above. She was so excited when we got back home on Friday though, running up to the front door wagging her tail - 'we're home, Mum!'
On Saturday, when we were out walking on Tennyson Down, we saw one of the regular dog walkers, not having seen him for a week or more, and he said that he thought Gracie looked like she had lost a little weight and was looking more 'lithe'! She is getting lots of exercise and loves running from one rabbit hole to another. Another dog walker a couple of weeks ago was amazed when I told her that I'd only had Gracie for two weeks (then) observing how Gracie responded to me calling her and being very well behaved (well, most of the time!).
I'm so grateful to LRRSE for allowing me to have Gracie. As you can see from the other photo above, I don't need any other presents under the tree now that I have her. I'm happy to do home checks here on the Island if that's any help.
Hoping you have a good Christmas
Best wishes

sunshine sunshine sunshine

Sunny - Sunshine

I asked my mum to write to let you know how I am getting on.
I am now getting slower and stiffer but life is brilliant. Life has got even better, I really miss my best friend, but Scott my owners son has now gone to university, so I am centre of their attention and I am loving it.
I wanted to let you know that I made mum get a pets at home card so that we can collect points for you.
When you bought me to their house mum didn't like my name, she loves it now and calls me sunshine. She thinks that is my real name and tells me I bring sunshine into their world ever day. Mind you when I bring mud in all over her carpet I don't think I do then!
We still go to the seaside twice a year, where I swim in the sea and climb the rocks. In May I have heard them talking about us having a cottage and I am going to explore Wales.
I also love the snow, mum has attached some photos for you to see.
Love sunny xxxxxx


Popeye & Shyloe
Hi Sue & June,
Here are some photos of the Boys, Popeye & Shyloe, having fun on the beach in Cornwall as promised. They have settled in lovely and Shyloe even walks to heal off the lead.
Thanks you again for all your help, and the boys are now very much part of our family.
Kind regards.

Tully & Barley
Dear Sue,
These dogs have brought a lot of fun and love into our lives as we hope we have for them.
All the best
Michelle, Scott, Tully and Barley

Dear Sue,
It has been two years since we adopted Digby and we have loved every minute. I am sorry it has taken so long to write and tell you how he is getting on but we are not very good at these kind of things, neither is Digby. Digby has settled in beautifully and we couldn't have had a dog more suited to us. You made a great match. We have two cats, Pippy and Izzy, here is Digby sharing a little nap with Pippy. I have never seen a dog like Digby with cats, they seem to be quite charmed by him. This is unusual for our cats, normally they run a mile when any other dog is in the house. Digby gets on with everyone and everyone adores him. You described him as an English Gentleman and that is exactly what he is. Thank you very much.
Fiona and Chris

archie archie archie

Hi Sue,
Just a quick e.mail to thank you so much for finding Archie for us. We all love him to bits and can't imagine life without him. He starts his day at 6.30 with a walk and a play with his much loved tennis balls. He adores everyone, especially my husband and sons. He has another long walk at about 7.30 every night and makes sure that we are all together before we all set off for home. He and Susie give each other kisses and he has has the occasional game of tug and war with her. He is very gentlemanly about it! He is having a holiday with us shortly in Dorset. Thank you again for him.

maddie maddie

Hi Julie
It has been such a wonderful happy journey we have taken with Rosie since her arrival just over a year ago. She was a scruffy, skinny scared little girl when she arrived. Scared of my husband, all men in fact, white vans, wheelie bins, luggage, thunder, fireworks, anything that made a sudden noise the list was endless. With careful steady socialisation, patience and training, she has come on leaps and bounds and will take most things in her stride and she adores my other half now which makes me most happy. Our other lab, Bosun, has stopped asking when she's going home, and they share everything, down to sleeping together when it's cold weather.
My local obedience club were very helpful with Rosies socialisation, giving us all the time and patience we needed for her to learn and understand. She is great with other dogs now, no trouble at all, and just the other week passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver Test. Needless to say I was a very proud mum!
We love Rosie to bits and wouldn't be without her. Please thank everyone at LRRSE for all their wonderful work and for making it possible for Rosie to start her life over again with us.
Helen and Neil x

maddie maddie

Hi Sue,
I'm just writing to keep you up to date with Maddie's progress, you may remember we adopted her back in April/May after she had been in kennels for quite a while. She had been extremely aggressive towards other dogs and from what we understood this was one of the reasons it took so long to re-home her. My personal aim was to be able to send you all a photograph of her with other dogs by Christmas but a month ahead of schedule here it is. This is Maddie sitting next to my mother-in-laws 18 month old Labrador having just been for a very long walk together - quite a step up from, attacking other dogs in the kennels. We had a similar experience a few days after adopting Maddie but we persevered and here are the results! It hasn't been easy but we found a superb trainer who has brought her from this state to enjoying having other dogs in our home with Maddie, sharing food and walking off the lead. She has been such a success my parents are getting a dog and we will soon have another friend for Maddie. I hope you get this email as I am extremely proud of the progress she has made, I am perfectly happy if you wish to add her on your website along with this photo as a story like this would have really encouraged us even more when adopting Maddie from you.
We wish you all the best with the other dogs you re-home and look forward to sending you a Christmas donation in a few weeks time. All our best wishes, Sarah, Adam and Maddie x

max maxmax

Hi Sue & Penny
On the 17th Jan this year we adopted 16 week old Ben. He has settled in with us so well, we changed his name to Bounty(the cats are called Kitkat and Twix!) the kids taught him all different comands within a few days. He is such a character, he makes us laugh with all his antics, but considering he is still only 5 months old he is really well behaved(apart from the odd relapse with the cats!) He spends at least a couple of hours every day at the beach, eating crabs yuk!, or at the New Forest. He loves his cuddles, and spends the evening with us lying in front of the fire with his legs in the air! We have all fallen completely in love with him and cannot imagine life without him now. Thank you all so much for all the hard work that you do and for bringing him into our lives, love from us all in Dorset.


This Saturday it will be one year since Meg (formerly called Maggie May) joined our family and I thought you might like to see a few pictures and hear how we're getting on.
You may remember that we had one day's notice of Meg's arrival due to another placement falling through. She was 9 months old, overweight and a bit of a handful but incredibly affectionate and not at all fazed by our household containing, amongst others, 3 children, 2 cats, 1 snake and 1 rabbit. The only real problem we had at first was that Meg had a stair phobia and our house is spread over four floors with two front doors, requiring either going up or down steps to get inside. Fortunately, she managed to get over this after a few weeks. Unfortunately, that meant she discovered the joys of sneaking upstairs onto beds...
With proper excercise it only took a few weeks for Meg to slim down and we attended an obedience class which I found very helpful in establishing consistency. She still needs to work on curbing her enthusiasm when meeting new people but is otherwise very good!
My father's health declined very rapidly at the end of last year, becoming pretty much house-bound for some months during which time it was really good for him to have Meg around for company and interest. He died in May but Meg had certainly added to the quality of his life. Now she "looks after" my mother during the day - my husband, the children and I took Meg away on holiday in France for all of August and the only one my mother missed was the dog...
Here are some pictures of that holiday, mostly showing Meg doing what she loves most, getting wet.
Best wishes,


Hello, Just thought we'd let you know how Georgie boy is getting on.
After a few tricky moments he really improves all the time, the photo shows him in the kitchen - scene of his greatest food pilfering triumphs. I can't say it's all been plain sailing but we're working together to sort out his little " eccentricities" and none of us could imagine life without him.
Lots of love
George, Alyson and family


At long last pictures of our boy with some of his friends. He really is a delight, so affectionate and quite a comic. He is getting quite vocal and has quite a bit to say for himself. At long last the pain of losing Hardy is going, he will always have a place in my heart but at last I can remember the good days and I am sure Sam has helped a lot. Laurel and Sam are getting along well, she is definitely the boss and has got very selective hearing now!! Because we have given her extra fuss and I train Sam and not her she thinks she can do just as she pleases. Training going well, although we do still have trouble with flying ducks!! Will keep in touch and let you know how he is doing. Thank you so much for getting our lovely boy.

lana! Essex Girl "Lana" caught taking a bath!!!
Hi Sue and everybody at LRRSE, this is an Easter message from me, "Essex girl, Lana" wishing you all a great Easter break. I'm enjoying my life here, particularly being at odds with the old boy, which is most of the time. At the moment we are at odds about gardening techniques. He thinks the apple tree is pruned enough, I think more branches need chewing off. He thinks bones are for eating then throwing away any remains, I think bones are for tasting then burying in freshly tilled soil. He thinks cats in the garden are for chasing and chucking mud at, I think cats in the garden are fine and can't see any point in chasing them. I'm not best pleased with the old boy, as he has sent you a picture of me having my bath, you can see by my expression that I strongly disapprove of having my picture taken in such a situation that us Essex girls like to do in privacy, but he thinks perhaps some of your male collegues might like a glimpse of an Essex girl taking a bath!!! My attention span has started to wander away from this letter, so I'm going to let the old boy finish off, while I attempt to remove my big human sister's slippers from her feet! Luv, Lana A quickie message from Roy. We can't believe our luck with lovely lively "Lana" she really is a smashing dog, and she's loved to bits. (I honestly believe we could not have got a better or more suitable dog.)

George simply the Best! George
I'd like to tell everyone about our Irish Boy. He's been with us since Xmas & from the minute he walked into our home, it was as if he's been with us for all his short life. George is a labXcollie with great character & we think he's the Best! He is probably about 6 yrs old but acts like 4 or 5 in that he has boundless energy. Having had 2 pure-bred labs, one of whom suffered medical probs all his life, our family our now absolutely delighted to have a fit & healthy dog to take us out walking. The difference between a pedigree & cross is fascinating. Our new friend races thro the woods & covers 7 miles to our 1. He's not as heavy boned & I'm hoping the X part will reduce the medical bills. George is extremely laid back and we have been careful to introduce him gradually to new experiences, always watching carefully to see how he reacts. It's so important to be 'one step ahead'! We usually take him out 2 or 3 times a day. We have yet to visit the vet and walk through a busy shopping area but I think he will take these situations in his stride. We don't know what happened in his past life but we can see he has been much loved as he is very generous with his affection and makes friends easily. He is becoming more confident with each passing day and we now can't imagine life without our lovely George. Our Irish Boy is a delight and we love him to bits.

Like most labradors, Foxy loves water: the muddier and smellier the better! Foxy and Lucy
Initially much loved by her original owners, Foxy had become too much for their rapidly growing family. She then passed through a number of homes in rapid succession before being adopted by a LRRSE family and was initially quite anxious, especially about being left alone. Like too many Labradors, she had been allowed to become obese, however her new owners put her on a diet and she lost a stone. She is now a happy and fit dog, awarded Kennel Club Silver Good Citizen at her training class.
Lucy to the rescue! Six months after adopting Foxy, her new family adopted Lucy from LRRSE. She is a very active and playful working dog and had been distressed by being left on her own a great deal while her previous owners were at work. Lucy settled straight in and has never looked back. Her new 'Dad' works from home and now Lucy knows that if he is typing at the keyboard he is not to be disturbed. However, if he stops for a few moments, this is the cue for Lucy to bring him a toy to see if he is in the mood to throw it; Lucy is always in the mood! Lucy has also been to training classes and is a Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen. Unfortunately she failed her Silver for the very Labrador-type behaviour of attempting to eat the judge's lunch! However, her owners have been training her in agility, and she has recently shown the Border Collies a thing or two by recording her first agility win.

Roly getting to grips with his favourite toy! Roly
Roly now lives with one of LRRSE's helpers, who says that meeting this handsome dog is how she ended up working for us! His previous owners had left him at home all day while they were at work, which caused him to display a host of behavioural problems. Out of boredom, Roly had chewed the wallpaper off the walls and the carpet off the floor! The handsome hooligan has calmed down a lot now in his fantastic new family, which includes a 17-year-old Jack Russell (who apparently rules the roost!) and a Patterdale Terrier - quite a combination! His new Mum says he is 'the biggest wuss in the world' and walks around with a toy in his mouth most the time, ready for a game!

Chandler - who wouldn't sit still for the camera! Chandler
LRRSE helped Chandler find a great new home, who spotted him on this website. Here's a note from his proud new owners: "We rescued Chandler to soothe the grief after our 12-year-old lab died. He has now settled in completely and become the most talkative dog in the universe. We’ve even begun sneaking around quietly when he’s asleep as the silence is deafening! He doesn’t bark, just talks none stop for hours. Eating, playing and sleeping are the only times he’s quite – except for squeaky of course, which appears most days between the hours of 6.30am and midnight. He is excellent company for our 81-year-old mother, helping her mostly with cooking and eating (surprise surprise). He has also found a new sister who he follows most places, even when not invited. He enjoys lots of cuddles and is the biggest baby ever. He has made lots of human friends, but dogs will be a little while yet … Life certainly is never going to be the same again with him and his faithful friend squeaky!"