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This page was last updated on November 2020 - Please be aware that there are far fewer dogs coming through rescue at the moment and although we are happy to receive your application to adopt a dog, there will most likely be a considerable wait. We do have a lot of beautiful Labradors and Retrievers waiting to come to us from China but this also may take some time before we are able to fly them over. Once you have sent us your application form, we will initially acknowledge receipt of it but please don't send follow up messages as this just takes up time we could be spending on the dogs that need our help. We will contact you if and when we have a suitable dog for you.

Is looking for a country home in Essex




Age: 4 yrs old

Gender: Male

Lab or Lab X: Labrador X Patterdale

Nature: Sometimes a little nervous but enjoys affection

Lived with children: Suitable with teenagers

Lived with cats: No

Good with other dogs: Good with dogs he knows well and trusts.

On the lead: Pulls a bit

Recall: N/K

Good Traveller: Yes

Housetrained: Yes

Neutered/Spayed: Yes

Vaccinated: May need updating

General Information:Billy is in need of a country home in the Essex area as his new owners will need to visit him and his trainer several times before rehoming him. He would be most suited to a life with a fair amount of freedom, so someone with a small holding would be ideal. He needs an owner that will treat him gently and enjoy time with him. It is important that a new owners is happy to continue the work that has been done with him.

Health: Good

Type of home that would suit: A home with adults and no visiting children unless Lenny can be kept separate whilst visiting.

Please do not phone or email us asking for more details of dogs that are on the website as we initially need to register and home check you to ascertain a suitable match. Go to our contact page to download an application form and an information leaflet.
Please click here for details.

Note to adopters:

Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and Toto do not show up in rescue. We do not get the elegantly coiffed, classically beautiful, completely well trained, perfect dog. Many never had good veterinary care, kind or consistent training, or sufficient company. Some have lived outside, or left alone for many hours every day. When rehomed they are scared or depressed and anxious and will act out of character but time, patience and love will solve this. When you take on a rescue dog you need to be 100% committed to making it work, ride the storm but do not ever give up. We at rescue never give up on a dog. We know that a dog is a living being, with a spirit and a heart and feelings. Our dogs are not commodities, things, or garbage. They are part of lifes sacred creation and they deserve as much love and care and respect as Lassie, Rin Tin Tin or Toto. So please, please do not come to rescue in the hopes of getting a "bargain" or "a fully trained dog". Come to Rescue to give, to love, to save a life -- and to mend your own spirit. For Rescue will reward you in ways you never thought possible. We can promise you this -- a rescue dog will make you a better person.