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Adopting a Labrador

If you are considering adopting a dog, we strongly recommend you read this first.

There may be some exceptional circumstances or homes that don�t quite fulfil all our criteria below. The charity trustees will consider these on an individual basis. Their decision is final.

Many of the dogs we rehome are from families where they are being left for long periods due to work commitments. When the owner witnesses the dogs distress, they ask us to find their pet a home where someone will be there for him.

WE DO NOT REHOME TO PEOPLE WORKING FULL TIME. We expect the dog NOT to be left alone for longer than 4 hours per day. We do not consider a small lunch time visit, neighbours popping in, or a dog walker sufficient.

When we receive your completed application form a home check will be arranged to meet all members of your household. Our home checker will sit and talk to you to ascertain what you are able to offer a dog. Once you have had your home check we will then be able to discuss with you any dog/s that we feel might be suitable. WE DO NOT DISCUSS DETAILS OF DOGS THAT WE HAVE ON OUR WEB SITE UNTIL YOU ARE REGISTERED WITH US.

Our home checker will take a good look at your garden, to make sure it is a safe environment for a dog. So if you have any fencing that needs repairing or replacing, please have this done before applying for dog. Do remember that Labradors are large dogs and will easily jump a low fence. If you have a back gate, please make sure it has a working lock or bolt.

Please remember no rescue dog is perfect, most dogs will have baggage which can be anything from training issues to separation anxiety. Normally all that is needed is time, patience and often a good training class to turn your dog around. You will get back ten fold what you put in.

We will not consider rehoming any of our dogs to a home where they will be bred from.

If you are about to move house then we will not rehome a dog to you until you have moved and we have home checked your new house.

If your rescue dog is not already neutered we will encourage you to get the operation done, at your own expense, after a period of 4 months, and once your dog has settled in with you.

If you are adopting a puppy we may insist someone is at home during the day and that you take him to training classes. We will also encourage you to spay or neuter at the appropriate time.

If you have completed our Prospective Home Form and had a sucsessful home check, you will then be on our waiting list. Rescue dogs will only be offered to homes that are on our waiting list.

FROM THE MOMENT YOU SIGN THE ADOPTION FORM WHEN YOU ADOPT YOUR DOG, ALL FINANCIAL COSTS RELATED TO YOUR DOG WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. We pass on all information from the previous owner, this includes medical conditions. We cannot be held responsible if a problem is not reported prior to rehoming.

We strongly recommend you insure your dog.